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Frequently asked questions

Frequent Questions about the undergraduate program

Can I take alternative courses to those required as detailed in the recommended curriculum?

Any deviation from the recommended program should be coordinated with the teaching coordinator.

Can I take a course at a different point in time rather than as set in the recommended schedule?

Any deviation from the recommended program should be coordinated with the teaching coordinator.

The curriculum changed during my studies; which program am I required to follow?

You can take courses according to either of the programs published during your studies.

Can I retake a course to improve the final grade before graduation and until when may I do so?

Improving a course grade is possible during the two semesters following the period you first took the course.

Will registering for a course for a second time, and not meeting it’s requirements, affect my final grade from the first time?

Second registration to the same course without meeting it’s requirements , will not affect the original final grade

When am I eligible for a special exam?

Eligibility for special exam or for alternative evaluation  is only permitted for students who had army reserve duty during or just before the scheduled exam.

Does failure in a course, which is a prerequisite for another course mean that I can’t register for the second course?

Technically, you can register for the course but studying and getting a grade for it requires the authorization of the course lecture.

When can I take a departmental elective course? When can I take electives from other departments?

You can take any elective courses after completing the required prerequisites, starting from your first semester at Technion.  In any event, we suggest that you integrate the courses into your recommended class schedule in the available slots.
What is the difference between a prerequisite course and an adjacent course?

An adjacent course must be taken in parallel to the course under discussion, whereas you must complete the prerequisite course prior to taking the course.

How can I transfer from chemical engineering to biochemical engineering or the reverse?

You can transfer between the two tracks at the end of your first year, depending on your SECHEN. Likewise, there is the possibility of transferring during your studies depending on your Technion grade average.

What is a “not in good standing” academic status and what are its implications?

As a rule, a “not in good standing” academic status is a situation in which the student does not meet all the academic requirements laid out by the Technion’s Undergraduate Studies Department. In such cases, the student is given guidance in the Faculty, and is sometimes called to appear before a committee to discuss his or her status.

Are undergraduate students hired as research assistants in the Faculty while they are studying?

Yes. Senior faculty members offer a number of jobs to undergraduate students.

Are there Faculty prizes for outstanding students and/or for other reasons (socioeconomic)?

Yes. There are a number of types of prizes that are awarded once a year by the Faculty Prize Committee.