Seminar date scheduling

Students who need to present a final seminar or mid-seminar (for PhD students), are required to complete the following instructions:

  1. Scheduling a seminar date- the date must be coordinated before the beginning of the semester you intend to give your seminar at. Please choose an available seminar date according to the schedule:
    Verify that your advisor is available on that date.
  2. Contact Dr. Tamar Segal- Peretz by e-mail: with the following details in English and ask for approval for reserving the date:
    A. Student full name
    B. The requested seminar date
    C. Your affiliation (faculty/ interdisciplinary program)
    D. Type of seminar: MSc final seminar/ PhD mid-seminar/ PhD final seminar
    E. Your advisor’s name
    F. Seminar title
    G. The length of the requested seminar: 30 min/ 60 min (including Q&A). MSc final seminar and PhD mid seminar are 30 minutes long. PhD final seminar can be 30 min/ 60 minutes long, under the approval of your research advisor, and according to the date availability.
  3. Send Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz the seminar abstract according to the format, up to three weeks before the seminar date. Make sure to fill in the following details: reserved seminar date, lecture title, speaker’s full mane, research advisor’s name an academic degree, state whether it’s MSc/ PhD final seminar or PhD mid- seminar, research abstract.

* Students toward graduation please note, according to the graduate school regulations, the final seminar presentation must take place during the last year of studies, and not later than two weeks prior to date of the submission of the thesis, when the research is well advanced.
* All graduate students please note- all seminars will be presented in English.