Curriculum and semester registration

Semester registration qualified professions is the beginning of the semester. Returns for the registry will be distributed before the start of each semester. The registry must be made through the Faculty of Graduate Studies Secretariat on the official form of the Graduate School signed by the supervisor.

Choosing a research topic

Proposed research topic is usually designated by the supervisor. Payable in special cases can offer himself the subject of research provided to find a senior faculty member willing to guide him. Candidate shall submit a request to Dr. after setting the study area and the designated supervisor’s consent.

Master’s degree internal worthwhile to submit a research proposal thesis Magister during the first semester. The procedure will be completed no later than the end of the second semester (see Rule 27.04 of the Graduate School).

Mandatory seminars

Scholarship students must attend all departmental seminars (held on Wednesdays at 12:30). This requirement does not apply to trainees outside, although their presence desirable and recommended.

Completion of the course

When ready to write a worthwhile connection, it must notify the Graduate School dean and the faculty committee, with approval of supervisor. Updated instructions to edit the group can be obtained through the Graduate School website online:

All paid to lecture seminar on the theme of his work. The lecture will be given training during the past year, at least a month, but not more than a year, before the submission of connection to school.

Doctoral candidacy discussion of Master graduate student in chemical engineering will be held only after giving the lecture seminar Magister.

At the end of the composition and test, as specified in the catalog Technion studies, the student is committed to return to Secretary Graduate Studies Faculty of form “Assyria faculty return of property”. Student who does not return this form, does not qualify for the diploma.