List of Awards

List of Awards / Scholarships in Chemical Engineering

Awards are determined by the faculty awards committee, whose members include Dean, Undergraduate Studies Center, Graduate Center, the head director and coordinator of instruction. Committee meets once a year in April and prizes are awarded at a ceremony in June, usually faculty, combined with the titles of Master of Ceremony in the presence donors and their families winners. Resnick Prize is awarded at a separate seminar in memory of Prof. Resnick, in March / April.

Resnick Award

Prize was established by the family of Prof. Zeev Reznik late. Professor Resnick founded in 1960 the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technion, he served as Dean of the Faculty in 1960-1972 and built an international reputation faculty. Was an accomplished man has contributed many research contributions in the field of suspension particles and liquid – liquid, educated generations of engineers and researchers, was co-founded the Israeli Society of Chemical Engineering and served as Vice President of Research and Technion president senior year. Professor Resnick many businesses on the environment and the relationship between industry, academia and society. Died in 92.

The award is given each year the student or pair of students who had excelled in the study completed an environmental issue or project.

Goldstein Award

Prize was founded by Dr. Steven Goldstein in memory of his father, Mr. Sidney Goldstein Sidney Goldstein of blessed memory, a chemical engineer from Texas.

The award is given each year to about 6 students successfully cope with challenges in school and student / one pays a significant social contribution to the Faculty. List of selected students in coordination with the Office of the dean of students at the Technion.

Avrahami Award

Prize was established by the family of the late Dr. joy Avrahami. Dr. Abraham was graduated with a BA in 59, a Doctor of Science at the Technion described in 73. He worked at Dimona Negev Nuclear Research Center and was manager of Sollachm, reactor equipment and systems trading. Served as president of the Israel Association of Chemical Engineering, and was very active in chemical engineering topics. His life was suddenly interrupted by a truck in a traffic accident in 94, when he was on his way for a work meeting in the south.

The award is presented each year the student or pair of students who had excelled in the work of completed research and reached high achievements in their studies.

Kenner Award

Prize was established by “Bateman Engineering Ltd.” in memory of the late Mr. Israel Kenner. Mr. Kenner, graduate from the 76th, was the company’s outstanding employees, “Bateman Engineering Ltd.”. He was a very high engineering capabilities, which implemented without compromising the professional way the process department. After a serious illness, died in 2007.

The prize is awarded to an outstanding student each year his junior year, with an emphasis on excellence in the field of process engineering.

Dagan Award

Prize was founded by parents of grain to a Binder Limor late. Limor graduate summa cum laude in 2000, excelled throughout high school, his military service and her studies at the Technion. After completing his degree in chemical engineering graduate attraction of Materials Engineering Faculty, married and had a family. Life were cut short in 2007 after a serious illness.

The prize is awarded to an outstanding student each year or second year his junior.

Narkis Award

The award is presented by Prof. Moshe Narkis, a senior faculty member at the Faculty. Professor Narcissus partner faculty from 74 deals in polymers and plastics, industrial and academic research. Taught many students over the years, undergraduate and graduate students discount.

The prize is awarded annually to two students improved their scores significantly advanced semesters, in relation to previous semesters, and one student who is outstanding in his studies.

Eisenberg Award

Prize was established by Dr. Maurice Eisenberg, a chemical engineer from California. After his retirement he was determined to continue to be involved in world affairs in the chemical industry. Contribution sought to stimulate students to learn and develop the chemical industry in Israel and support for outstanding students.

The prize is awarded annually to students in their final poster in the course of research completed two highest valued member of Faculty staff.


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