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List of Awards / Scholarships in Chemical Engineering

Awardees are selected by the departmental awards committee, whose members include the Dean, the Vice Deans for graduate and undergraduate studies, the teaching coordinator and the head of administration. Every year the committee convenes during the month of April and prizes and scholarships are awarded during the annual awards ceremony which is typically held in June.  This event, which is held in the presence of donors and awardee family members, coincides with the annual departmental MSc graduation ceremony.

Goldstein Award

The prize was established by Dr. Steven Goldstein in memory of his late father, Mr. Sidney Goldstein, a chemical engineer from Texas. The prize is awarded annually to about six students who are especially successful in coping with challenges encountered during their studies. An additional prize is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student involved in substantial contributions to the department and its activities. The list of awardees is prepared in coordination with the Office of the Dean of students at the Technion.

Kenner Award

The prize was established by “Bateman Engineering Ltd.” in memory of the late Mr. Israel Kenner. Mr. Kenner, who graduated from the department in 1976, was an outstanding employee of “Bateman Engineering Ltd.”. He was a highly capable engineer who applied his abilities in an uncompromising manner in his professional duties in the process department.  He became seriously ill and passed away in 2007.

The prize is awarded annually to an outstanding student in his junior year, with an emphasis on excellence in the field of process engineering.

Narkis Award

The award is donated by Professor Emeritus Moshe Narkis and his wife Professor Emeritus Nava Narkis. Prof. Emeritus Moshe Narkis is a Chemical Engineering faculty member since 1974. He has been involved in both academic and industrial research in the field of polymers and plastics. Professor Emeritus Moshe Narkis has taught and guided many undergraduate and graduate students over the years. The aim of the award is to encourage students to improve their academic achievements. The Prize is annually awarded to a student who has shown a significant improvement in the GPA (Grade Point Average) throughout his/her studies in the department.

Eisenberg Award

This prize was established by Dr. Maurice Eisenberg, a chemical engineer from California. After his retirement he was determined to continue to be involved in the affairs of the chemical industry worldwide. With his contribution he sought to stimulate students to learn and develop the chemical industry in Israel, and also wished to support outstanding students.

The prize is awarded annually to students whose final poster, presented in the second final undergraduate research course, earned the highest praise from faculty members.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Perseverance and commitment are highly valued and appreciated qualities for which this excellence scholarship is granted.

This scholarship is granted to a student from the department with excellent academic achievements, as a recognition of the significant effort invested in his/her studies.

Theobald Schneier Family Scholarships

This scholarship was established in memory of the late Theobald Schneier and in memory of his father, brother and brother-in-law, who perished in the Iași pogrom in Romania in 1941. Theobald was the only man from his family who survived the pogrom. He studied Chemistry in ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland, and successfully established and managed two chemical factories for the processing of raw materials. During the communist regime in Romania, Theobald was denied permission to emigrate to Israel for 22 years and was even prisoned. In 1970 Teubeld finally fulfilled his dream and emigrated to Israel with his wife and two children.

Each year the Schneier family donates two-four scholarships to students with high academic achievements, who also participate in voluntary activities in the community.

BAZAN Group Scholarship

The BAZAN Group looks upon current-day excellent students to be the technology developers and industry executives of the future. The Bazan Group Scholarships are aimed at motivating students to continue and focus all their efforts on their studies, to eventually join industry and to maintain the Chemical industries leading position worldwide, both from the standpoint of technological development and from the standpoint of professional management of engineers of the future.

Each year the BAZAN Group awards three scholarships to three outstanding students in their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

Prizes and Awards for Under Graduate Students

Prizes and Awards for Graduate Students