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Sustainability: Environment, Water, and Energy

Sustainability is often conceived in terms of three dimensions: environmental, economic, and social. Research and development of sustainable and environmental topics aims to advance access to clean and safe water for drinking and other uses, as well as safe, economic, and sustainable ways to produce, process, and store energy.

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Academic staff
Prof. Yoed Tsur's research group studies materials for sustainable energy applications using advanced methods developed within the group. They prepare models from the stage of producing the nanometric powder to a complete model, and perform electrical measurements on them, analyzed using software they developed.
Prof. Dario Dekel discovered his passion for research during his graduate degree studies. During Dario’s  MSc, his supervisor (Prof. Gidi Grader) gave him a research topic (and a thesis title) during the first week of the studies: Preparation of Superconducting Materials by Spray Pyrolysis Technique. He graduated with an outstanding thesis (and paper): “I remember […]
Asst. Prof. Tamar Segal-Peretz develops nanotechnology for conserving resources and streamlining diverse technologies: from computers and optical devices to efficient membranes for water treatment. February 2022 After completing a BSc in Biochemical Engineering at the Technion, Tamar Segal-Peretz worked in industry and felt she wanted to delve deeper into research. She decided to pursue a […]
The Technion establishes a new national energy storage institute funded by MOE
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Prof. Gidi S. Grader and his research group study and develop ceramic materials with applications in the field of energy and produce “green” hydrogen with high efficiency. Prof. Grader recently received the Prime Minister’s Prize for Global Innovation in Smart Mobility and Alternative Fuels for Groundbreaking Research. While studying for his BSc degree in Chemistry […]