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The Industrial Affiliates Program

  • The Industrial Affiliates Program at the Department of Chemical Engineering supports and encourages the mutual needs of academia, business, and industry.
  • The program strives to build a bridge to excellence and a stage for long-term ties and collaborations between the academy and leading companies in the industry in Israel and abroad.
  • As part of the Industrial Affiliates Program, any company, large or small, can gain equal access to the Department’s resources. The company can carry out diverse activities that will expose it at all levels: in front of students in all degrees and tracks, and in front of faculty members and graduates of the faculty for generations, along with a complete support of the academic, administrative and technical staff.
  • Members of the program are invited to come up with new ideas and challenging initiatives (such as a dedicated hackathon to solve challenges), take part in enriching dialogue, in deepening the common language, and in mutual fertilization so that the opportunities for growth for all parties involved will maximize their potential.