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Research Equipment

Equipment / Service Features Field / Technology Location Contact Details
NanoBrook 90Plus PALS An automatic particle sizer designed for use with either concentrated suspensions of small particles or solutions of macromolecules. 217 Irena Levin
Form 2 A Desktop Stereolithography 3D Printer 217 Irena Levin
Parr reactor A high pressure, compact laboratory reactors. Parr controller model 4848 with 600 mL reactor vessel, equipped with gas inlet and outlet valves, a liquid sampling valve, pressure gage, safety rupture disc, and internal thermocouple. 212 Irena Levin
Cold isostatic press CIP-M20 CIP is used for pressing samples with regular and irregular shapes in a high-pressurized chamber, making the sample highly compressed and leading to higher density and strength. 212 Irena Levin
Carver Press 212 Irena Levin
Tube furnaces Tube furnaces provide even heating of the tube surface for maximum temperature uniformity. Up to 1200 or 1500 °C in air. 212 Irena Levin
Potentiostat / Galvanostat  and furnace This setup allows to carry out impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 1 mHz, at temperatures up to 600 °C. Biologic SP-200 / SP-240 / SP-300 Potentiostat/ Galvanostat can be used. Electrical measurments 312 Sioma Baltianski
Precision impedance measurements  The measurement system based on Precision Impedance Analyzer Agilent 4294A. Allows to carry out the Impedance Spectroscopy up to frequency 110 MHZ. Electrical measurments 312 Sioma Baltianski
Four-point measurements Based on Keithley 2400 Source-Meter and Special Soft-Probe. Designed primarily for measuring conductive coatings. Electrical measurments 312 Sioma Baltianski
Tube furnace combined with a gas system This setup allows to conduct different temperature treatments up to 1500 °C in a selected gas environment, such as Argon or Nitrogen. 312 Irena Levin
An upgraded dilatometer DIL801 Allows to carry out combined measurements of the coefficients of thermal expansion up to 1500 °C and electrical impedance in situ. Dilatometry 312 Sioma Baltianski
DIL802 differential dilatometer Allows differential measurements of thermal expansion coefficients up to 1700 °C. Dilatometry 312 Sioma Baltianski
Spray Coater 312 Youbin/Ning/Arnab/Rawan
3D Printer 312 Walaa/Youbin/Rawan
Electrochemical System 10 Ning/Youbin
FET System 10 Youbin/Rawan
N2 generator 312 Walaa/Elias
Temp. controle system 312 All
Probe station 10 Yana
Optic microscopy 312 All
Centrifuge 312 Youbin/Arnab
Bubbler system New 312 Shelley/Walaa
Bubbler system old 312 Shelley/Walaa
Analytical weight 312 All
Chemical hood 312 All
Vacuum oven 312 Walaa
Oven 312 Walaa
Glove box 312 Youbin/Walaa
Evaporator 312 Elias
refrigerator 312 Walaa
Ultrasonic bath 312 All
Enose 312 Shelley/Ron/Shay/Elias
Box and tube furnaces Thermal treatment under various gas flow, till 1300 C General Equipment 316 Gennady Shter
Thermo-analyzer (Setaram France) Simultaneaous themogravimetry and differential thermoanalysis Material characterization 315 Gennady Shter
Dilatometer (Setaram,France) TMA -Measuring of linear changes under heating-cooling in the range of RT -1600C Material characterization 315 Gennady Shter
Surface area analyzer ( Micromeritics,USA) Characterization of the surface area of solid materials by BET test Material characterization 100 Meirav Mann-Lahav
Zetasizer NanoZS Particle size determination of colloid fluids; Molecular weight; Zeta potential Particle sizing Rabin Desalination laboratory Hila Shemer
Mastersizer 2000 Measurement performance from submicron to millimeter; Wet or dry, from milligram quantities of precious pharmaceuticals to the measurement of bulk chemicals and minerals Particle sizing Rabin Desalination laboratory Hila Shemer
Polarimeter Chemical analysis 214 Yaron Paz
Glove box (M Brown) Executing humidity – sensitive reactions Synthesis 215 Yaron Paz
Box furnace (Carbolite RHF 1400) Up to 1100 C Synthesis 215 Yaron Paz
2 Tube furnaces (Carbolite) Up to 1100 C Synthesis 214 A,215 Yaron Paz
Ozone generator (Triogen) Water / air treatment 214 A Yaron Paz
Orbital shaker incubator (MRC) Cell growth 215 A Yaron Paz
Centrifuge NF048 basic Chemical analysis,Synthesis 215 A Yaron Paz
UVO cleaner (UVOCS 42-220) Uses short UV for cleaning surfaces Surface cleaning 214 Yaron Paz
Atomizer (sonics vibracell) Spray coating coating 215 A Yaron Paz
Plasma cleaner Uses plasma for surface treatment Surface cleaning 215 A Yaron Paz
UV-vis spectrophotometer (Shimadzu UV-2600) Basic Chemical analysis 214 Yaron Paz
HPLC (Agilent 1100) basic Chemical analysis 214 Yaron Paz
Nd-YAG laser system (Quantel, Q-smart 450) Including third harmonic output (355 nm), OPO (400-650 nm), connected to the FTIR to facilitate fast spectroscopy (ns scale resolution) optics 214 Yaron Paz
FTIR V70 (Bruker) FTIR under vacuum environment, including the following accessories: MCT and DTGS detectors, horizontal ATR, vertical ATR, circle cell ATR, gas cell, diffused reflection, KBr pellets. Step scan option. Chemical analysis,surface analysis 214 Yaron Paz