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Scholarships and dormitory for graduate students

A student who wishes to devote his full-time to his studying can request for a scholarship. Details on the scholarships and the procedures can be found on the Graduate School website: The scholarships are granted to students with suitable accomplishments and according to their availability. The scholarship recipients must dedicate the entire time to studying, research and teaching. The recipient cannot work outside of the Technion. The faculty will try to assign teaching positions to the scholarship recipients from their second semester, both for MSc and PhD. ME students are not eligible for a scholarship. Please see the Graduate School protocol for detailed information on scholarship recipient’s requirements! MSc student who wishes to receive three scholarship portions and above must accumulate at least 75% of the required academic points within the first two semesters. Also, the scholarship recipient has to complete 8 points in the first semester, and at least 12 points in the first year. All scholarship recipients’ graduate students are required to attend the weekly faculty seminars.

For details regarding dormitories on campus please see: