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Industrial Affiliates – The Benefits

The Department offers companies joining the Industrial Affiliates access to a wide benefits package that includes components from the fields of education and teaching, research and development, human resources and public relations and marketing. The benefits package components shown below form a basis to which additional aspects can be added. At the same time, the companies joining the program are invited to present to the faculty new initiatives for mutual collaborations that will allow expanding the boundaries of the benefits package.

Education and teaching

  • Proposal of topics and supervision of a final research project course for 4th year undergraduate students.
  • Delivery of a guest lecture by company representatives.
  • Conducting a seminar/short course in a field unique to the company.
  • Offering a student tour of the company’s facilities as part of a course or as a general tour.
  • The Century Club – meetings between representatives of companies and students from the Department to create a dialogue and get to know the industry.
  • Access to the Department’s library services (by appointment).
  • Participation of the company’s employees as “free listeners” in courses given at the Department.

Research and development

  • Joint research between the industry and faculty members in the various relevant fields.
  • Participation and presentation of the R&D conducted at the company in a “Departmental Seminar” held once a week in which students and faculty members participate.
  • Publishing articles on research and development in the Department’s newsletter.
  • Contact with the faculty researchers in a reliable and confidential channel.

Human resources and employment

  • Distribution of company announcements to students of all degrees regarding recruitment days, awards and scholarships, conferences, and guest lectures at the Department seminar.
  • Advertising jobs of the company for our students and graduates in the various media and social channels of the Department.
  • Participation in the “directed recruitment day for Chemical Engineers” held once a year at the Depatment for several companies at the same time.
  • Providing scholarships to students at the Department.
  • Sponsoring seminars.
  • Sponsoring the Department’s graduate conferences.
  • Giving lectures at graduation ceremonies.

PR and marketing

  • Advertising the company’s activities in the Department (seminar, recruitment day, etc.) and in the various media channels of the Department.
  • Publication in the Department’s newsletter dedicated each time to a different topic. The newsletter is distributed to the graduates of the Department for generations, industry executives, faculty members, and the students.
  • Presentation of exhibitions at the Department.