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Undergraduate studies in our department are towards a BSc in Chemical Engineering or a BSc in Biochemical Engineering, the latter is a joint course with the Biology Department at the Technion.

First year courses focus on basic scientific knowledge, the next two years are primarily devoted to learning engineering courses, and at the last year students learn to integrate the acquired knowledge and experience. In the last two years students choose from a variety of elective courses.


Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program primarily focuses on process engineering for design and optimization of a wide range of products and processes. Studies in this program combine engineering courses with a string scientific foundation. Chemical Engineering is a practical engineering program that trains students to apply scientific knowledge to design useful products and processes. Students can choose a major field: processes, materials, environmental technologies, science and engineering, micro and nano-technology, biochemical processes, and a general major.

Biochemical Engineering

The Biochemical Engineering program combines science and engineering, like the Chemical Engineering program, and adds a strong emphasis on Biology. In the Biochemical Engineering program students acquire additional knowledge and laboratory experience in various biochemical topics (metabolic pathways, genetics, gene control, microbiology, “wet” laboratories, and more).

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