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Why Study for a BSc in Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering at the Technion?

Why Technion?

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a world leading Research University. It is a powerhouse of scientific collaboration, drawing experts from across the globe. Students at the Technion learn in a flexible, creative environment that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. The Technion is the largest Israeli institute for training engineering, with more than 100 years of activity, more than 100,000 alumni, three Nobel Prize Laureates, and breakthrough research that touches upon all life aspects. The Technion has written on its flag the pursuit for excellence and has turned the Israeli economy from agricultural-based to high-tech-based.

Why Study for a BSc in Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering at the Technion?

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering first and foremost solves practical problems. Acquiring a solid ground in Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering prepares you for a fascinating and satisfying career in science, engineering, research, and industry.

A BSc in Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering from the Technion allows students to obtain important required skills that open a wide variety of doors. During their Bachelors, students are exposed to and delve in fundamental engineering principles, study relevant scientific fields, and enjoy a variety of practical experiences: advanced teaching laboratories and fascinating research opportunities at the Department’s world-class research laboratories. The Department of Chemical Engineering allows it top-performing students to apply for the prestigious departmental excellence program that prepares its graduates for graduate degrees and to key positions in industry.

Beyond the interesting profession they acquire, and the excellent opportunities offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion, our students enjoy a rich social life, personal engagement with faculty members, a quality and organized student body, and diverse departmental and Technion activities.

Why Study for an advanced degree (Masters / PhD) in Chemical Engineering at the Technion?

Graduate studies in Chemical Engineering allows one to acquire basic research skills (Masters with Thesis) or to lead a research project (PhD route) in our world-class research laboratories and facilities, mentored by a faculty member. Graduate students in our department take part in the development of groundbreaking technologies, entrepreneurship and even startup spin-off companies. The research in which the students participate and lead are of the highest standards and are at the forefront of research and development in Israel and around the world. Students receive scholarships, are active in teaching, attend and organize scientific conferences, and enjoy the fascinating academic life. The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion encourages a collaborative and fruitful research atmosphere. You are invited to be learn about our diverse research groups led by faculty members. Whether your dream is to work in academia, industry, or start your own company, the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion has the people, the resources, and the path to get you there.

A graduate student from Asst. Prof. Shady Farah’s research group.