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Raphael Semiat

Professor Emeritus

Personal Info

Ph.D. 1978, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Research Fields

Sustainability: Environment, Water, and Energy,  Surface-Phenomena,  Processes

Research Topics

Water Technology
Desalination using evaporation and membrane processes. Problems of membranes fouling, pre and post treatment. Uses of membranes for water quality problems and waste treatment. Enhanced recovery with concentrate treatment. Nano Catalysis and adsorption, modeling mass transfer in membranes.
Separation Processes
Membrane processes. Crystallization. Nano crystallization. Use of nano crystals for removal of organic matter from water. Modeling of liquid-liquid settlers. Improvement of extraction columns. Mechanisms of heat transfer enhancement.
Industrial Projects
Development of crystallization process for aluminum-chloride-hexa-hydrate production from fly ash. (Mashal)
Velocity measurements of drops ejected from printing heads. (Magnet program with industrial companies in the field (Scitex, Idanit, Nur and Indigo)
Development of desalination brine carrier to the sea. (Mekorot)
Development of new type of extraction column with Bateman Eng.
Increased recovery of BWRO inland desalination (IDE,GES)
Fouling prevention (Mekorot, BASF)
Enhanced potash recovery (DSW)
UF membranes production (Mem-Tech)


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Raphael Semiat

Professor Emeritus