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Senior Thesis

Fourth year students have the option of taking two elective “Senior Thesis” courses, where one (Senior Thesis 1) is given in the winter semester and the other (Senior Thesis 2) is given in the spring.  The two courses are actually two parts of a single, six credit, senior research project, though in certain special cases it is possible to take only the first course.  Although not mandatory, the research is usually undertaken by pairs of students working together.


The course is intended for undergraduate students in all the streams. In this course the students undertake an experimental or theoretical research project in one of the areas of Chemical or Biochemical Engineering. The course is integrative in nature and allows the students to implement their acquired knowledge within the framework of a true academic or industrial research project.


Students are expected to spend at least eight hours a week on the research project. The actual time during which the students work on their project is coordinated with their research advisor, where the three hours in the weekly schedule allotted to this course are used from time to time for meetings with course supervisor together with all the students in the course. Students are required to find a research advisor prior to the beginning of the semester. The advisor must be a faculty member in the department though in some cases the project (or part of it) is conducted in industry under supervision of a co-advisor.


The students present their work at the end of each semester within the framework of a departmental event. The course grade is based on the following: Research program and literature review; research work during the semester; lecture (Senior Thesis 1) or poster (Senior Thesis 2) during the departmental event; final report.