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Yeshayahu Talmon

Professor Emeritus

Personal Info

Ph.D. 1979, University of Minnesota.

Research Fields

Complex Liquids and Self-Assembly, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Nanostructured Liquid Systems, Cryo-electron Microscopy: Theory and Methodology Development, Applications of Electron Microscopy in Chemical Engineering, Biology, Food Technology and Polymer Science.

Research Topics

Self-assembly in complex liquids The research program has the general theme of studying self-assembly and nanostructure, on the supra-molecular level, in systems of interest in basic science and in technology. Much of the effort has been focused on self-assembly systems and complex liquids, because these fascinating systems play an important role in areas from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. The approach in this work has been direct imaging of the nanostructures studied, and correlating the images obtained to results of indirect methods, to rule out experimental artifacts, and to obtain precise quantitative data. An important part of the work has been the understanding of nanostructure/system properties relations, and testing and developing theories that describe the thermodynamics of these systems. The major tool in our studies has been the electron microscope. A substantial part of our microscopy is done at cryogenic temperatures as this enables us to directly visualize complex liquids at their native state. We use light-microscopy and image analysis and reconstruction to augment TEM and SEM work. Small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) is also applied regularly in the work to obtain quantitative data, based on our electron micrographs. Among the systems we have studied lately are carbon nanotubes in super acids, blood nanovesicles, microemulsions, and the interaction between polyelectrolytes and oppositely charged amphiphiles.


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