Tamar Segal-Peretz

תמר סגל-פרץ
Associate Professor

Research Fields

Functional nanostructures are the enabling basis for today’s and tomorrow’s nanotechnology. Our research group focuses on how to improve functional nanostructures in a wide array of applications, ranging from semiconductor nano-manufacturing to energy and clean water production. We combine research in polymer systems, block copolymer self-assembly, and inorganic materials growth inside polymers together with advanced characterizations technique such as TEM imaging, 3D characterization with TEM tomography, and X-ray scattering to understand and control the next generation of functional nanostructures.
Currently looking for outstanding and highly motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students

Research Topics

Self-assembly and directed self-assembly of block copolymers for nanopatterning

Block copolymers are known to spontaneously self-assemble into periodic nanoscale morphologies with characteristic feature sizes of 5-50 nm, making them attractive materials for templating and scaffolding nanostructures. In particular, the use of block copolymers in lithography processes is considered an important strategy to overcome the limitations of current photolithography tools and enables sub-20 nm features in semiconductor patterning. We are interested in understanding self-assembly and directed self-assembly processes and in developing methods to improve patterning using block copolymers.


Inorganic growth inside polymer films

Vapor-phase infiltration and growth of inorganic materials in polymers is an emerging material synthesis strategy derived from atomic layer deposition (ALD). This strategy enables the fabrication of inorganic patterns and hybrid organic-inorganic composites. We are investigating new chemistries and processes in order to develop materials and composites with novel optical and electronic properties and to control their three-dimensional structure.


Block copolymer membranes for separation processes

The supply of and access to clean water are considered one of the most pervasive problems of humanity in the 21st century. We study and develop block copolymer and hybrid organic-inorganic membranes with nanometer sized pores for separation and water treatment processes.


Advancing 3D characterization – TEM tomography

To understand the structure-function correlation of engineered and natural nanosystems there is a growing need for three-dimensional (3D) characterization. We apply transmission electron microscopy (TEM) tomography (in TEM, STEM, at room temperature and cryo temperatures) to decipher the 3D structure of various organic, inorganic and hybrid systems. We use and develop advanced algorithms and analysis tools for image reconstruction, 3D visualization, and image analysis to probe beyond 2D imaging.


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