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Dario R. Dekel

Associate Professor

Research Fields

Ionomeric materials Anion Exchange Membranes (AEMs) Non-Pt electrocatalysts AEM-Fuel Cells AEM-Redox Flow Batteries Ionomeric membrane-based electrochemical processes *** Currently looking for outstanding and highly motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students ***

Research Topics

Anion Exchange Membranes (AEMs)
Developing the missing knowledge of molecular level and its relationship with final polymer properties to increase the understandings required to develop highly stable anion conductive membranes, to be used in energy related electrochemical devices.
AEM based Redox Flow Batteries (AEM-RFBs)
A flow battery is formed by two liquids with opposite charge (electrolytes) which turn chemical energy into electricity by exchanging ions through a membrane. The electrolytes are stored in two external tanks and this makes the system easy to scale up, potentially very quick to charge and resistant to extreme temperatures. Our research is focused on AEM based RFBs, which in principle have the potential to solve problems of existent batteries. AEM-RFB have the potential to have much higher energy-density than existent batteries, therefore can be applied to energy storage to maximize use of available renewable energy sources, or perhaps even to replace the best known lithium-ion batteries used today for electrical vehicles.
AEM based Fuel Cells (AEM-FCs)
Developing the fundamental knowledge needed to understand the molecular level interaction of electrocatalysts and ionomeric materials, as well as the transport mechanisms of different species through these kind of materials and electrochemical cells.


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“A simulator for system-level analysis of heat transfer and phase-change in thermal batteries II: Full-scale multiple cell thermal battery”; Nir Haimovich, Dario R. Dekel and Simon Brandon; J. Electrochem. Soc., 162 (3) A350-A362, 2015.