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Ofer Manor

Personal Info

Head of the Surfaces and Colloids Group, Technion, from 2013
Postdoctoral studies 2010-2013, MicroNanophysics Research Laboratory, Universities of Monash and RMIT
PhD 2010, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne
MSc 2006, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion IIT
BSc 2003, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion IIT

Research Fields

We study fundamentals and applications pertaining to the stability and deposition of nano- and micro-particles and mass transport near surfaces.

Students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in experimental or theoretical work are welcomed to contact us.

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Research Topics

We study the wetting and coating of solids, pattern deposition of nano- and micro-particles and polymers, ion convection in electrochemical cells for improving battery and electroplating/electropolishing processes, bacteria attachment to natural surfaces, and water recovery by altering the colloidal stability of suspensions/emulsions which contain polluting nano-particles.



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