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Ofer Manor

Personal Info

BSc 2003, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion IIT
MSc 2006, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion IIT 

PhD 2010, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne

Research Fields

Ofer and his group study the transport, stability, and adsorption of colloidal systems in liquid films. Specifically, the study concentrates on the deposition of colloidal particles for improving fabrication procedures for microelectronic devices, water recovery in the oil industry, and particles/interface dynamics on microfluidic platforms in the presence and absence of acoustic waves.

In his postdoctoral studies, Ofer and colleagues worked on acoustic flows. The study took place at RMIT and at Monash University and was supervised by Prof. Leslie Yeo and Prof. James Friend. The work captured a new phenomenon, known nowadays as ‘Acoustowetting’, in which propagating acoustic waves in a solid body support the spreading of liquid films over the surface of the solid. Acoustowetting is further studied nowadays for coating surfaces in the absence of moving parts, pumping liquid through nano-channels, and for liquid atomization.

Ofer’s PhD research was on the theoretical analysis and simulation of model systems and experimental evidence in the field of colloid physics. Supervised by Prof. Derek Chan and Prof. Steven Carnie at The University of Melbourne, Ofer studied the contributions of colloidal forces and micro flows to collisions between solid surfaces, micro-drops, and micro-bubbles, benefiting mining and pharmaceutical industries.

Ofer’s MSc research in the Technion was on the theoretical analysis of Marangoni flows and surface viscosity effects and was supervised by Prof. Avi Nir, and Dr. Olga Lavrenteva.


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Research Topics

Pattern deposition

The pattern deposition of polymers and nanoparticles from a volatile carrier liquid is employed nowadays for the manufacturing of arrays of electrical circuits, touch screens, infrared antennas, Faraday cages, etc. We use both theory and experiment to study fundamental aspects of pattern deposition. In particular, we concentrate on contributions of colloidal forces (van der Waals forces, electrical double layer forces, molecular steric forces, etc.) between nano-particles and between the particles and the solid substrate to the morphology of the deposit. Another aspect we study is the contribution of the Marangoni flow to pattern deposition. Marangoni flow is excited by variations in the surface tension of a liquid. We concentrate on cases where the surface tension of the suspension is altered due to a phase change of the solute or particles in the liquid during the deposition process.


Stability of colloidal suspensions and emulsions

The stability of suspensions and emulsions determine the shelf life of products that are made of complex fluids, such as milk, paint, shampoo, etc. and the quality of coating and many device fabrication processes. Moreover, the stability of suspensions and emulsions determine the efficiency of separation processes in the mining, petroleum, and chemical industries.

We study the recovery of water that was used in the petroleum industry for the extraction of oil from wells in the ground. The used water product is contaminated by bitumen particles and hydrocarbons in the form of solute molecules and suspended drops. An efficient separation of contaminates from the water phase is conducted by the destabilization of the contaminant particles and drops. The destabilized contaminants undergo particle coagulation and drop coalescence, which allow for the extraction of the water phase.

We investigate the destabilization of the contaminant phases by altering the colloidal forces between the particles and the drops while accounting for hydrodynamic contributions. Theoretical analysis is combined with different model experimental systems for the identification and verification of the mechanisms taking place during the dynamic collision of particles and drops in water and the consequent coagulation and coalescence processes.

Acoustic flow in thin liquid films

The flow of fluid, which is excited by acoustic waves, is known as acoustic streaming. KHz to MHz acoustic excitations (in particular surface acoustic waves – SAWs – and Flexural waves) are employed nowadays in order to actuate and manipulate liquids and particles on microfluidic lab-on-a-chip platforms, enhance mass and heat transport in fluids, repel water off solid surfaces, etc.
We explore the mechanisms that give rise to the greater efficiency of the process of electro–polishing under the influence of KHz–MHz flexural acoustic waves. In addition, we explore liquid drainage and coating under the influence of MHz surface acoustic waves.


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