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Leonid Pismen

Professor Emeritus

Personal Info

Ph.D. 1963, Karpov Physico-Chemical Institute, Moscow.

Research Fields

Processes,  Surface-Phenomena

Research Topics

– Multiscale mechanisms of epithelial patterning and morphogenesis, system-level studies of epithelial morphogenesis focused on diversity and dynamics of their expression patterns, mechanisms of pattern formation, and connection between patterning and morphogenesis. Reshaping of biomorphic soft materials.
– Patterns and defects in nonlinear systems. Development of analytical and numerical tools for study of formation and evolution of patterns in nonlinear systems, in particular, reaction-diffusion systems and optical feedback devices. Study of distorted patterns and other media with spontaneously broken symmetry dominated by interaction and motion of defects.
– Motion of contact lines and dynamics of Interfaces. Study of motion and stability of three-phase boundaries under the influence of intermolecular forces and transport processes; mechanisms and scenarios of the interfacial instabilities.


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Leonid Pismen

Professor Emeritus