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Ephraim Kehat

Professor Emeritus

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D.Sc. 1960, MIT, USA

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Research Topics

The Future of the Israeli Chemical Industry
The performance of the Israeli Chemical Industry ihas taken an intermediate path between the slowed down Western growth rate and the impressive growth rate in the Pacific rim countries. However, the increment of the added value in the total value of chemical shipments of the Israeli chemical industry was low. The strategy for future development of the industry should be: Innovation, internationalization, effciency and open minds.
Improved Economic Evaluations
Lying with economic evaluations can be minimized, if the economic evaluations include a sensitivity analysis of all the factors that may cause a change in the decision based on the evaluation.
Improved Research Planning
Setting targets, checking the progress periodically, and reassessing the research plan. Utilizing inputs from many sources.
Recycling chemicals and energy from waste PVC
Experimental study of a new process to produce chlorine and waste heat from waste PVC. (With Prof. Grader)


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Ephraim Kehat

Professor Emeritus