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Avinoam Nir

Professor Emeritus

Personal Info

Israel Issac and Natalie Kudish.
Chair in Chemical Engineering.
Ph.D. 1973, Stanford University.

Research Fields


Research Topics

Dynamics of hybrid compound drops in viscous fluids
Hybrid drops are composed of several immiscible phases. Their dynamics and deformation in viscous fluids is complex because of the existence of several interfaces. We study such systems using conformal mapping techniques and numerical methods. We are interested in macro and micro gravity environments and the effect of thermocapillarity induced by temperature or concentration fields.
Thermocapillary interaction of drops and bubbles
We study diffusive, convective and deformation effects on the interaction of drops and bubbles. Pattern formation and the effect on coalescence emerge. The effort is grossly directed to two avenues : 1. Spontaneous interaction due to interfacial transport. 2. Interaction induced by external gradients.
Turbulent patterns on free interface of sheared suspensions
This project is in collaboration with Prof. Raphael Semiat. The combined effects of particle shear-induced diffusion and capillary forces lead to a turbulent flow pattern at a free surface of a sheared suspension. It is a curious phenomenon since the high the effective viscosity (particle concentration) the stronger is the observed turbulence.
Deformation patterns of slender drops and bubbles in non-Newtonian systems
This project is in collaboration with dr. Moshe Favelukis of Shenkar College.
Dynamics of drops and bubbles in Newtonian and yield-stress fluids
Dynamics, interaction and deformation of droplets in Newtonian yield-stress materials such as Bingham fluids reveal interesting and unusual phenomena. This research combines analytic and numerical models to be solved using Boundary Integral representations and the use of corroborating calculations via application of available software and codes.


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Avinoam Nir

Professor Emeritus