new academic year 2015

Degree program details

The Chemical Engineering curriculum is four years long and leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Engineering, which is a joint degree with the Faculty of Biology.

The Course of Studies

In the first year, studies are focused on basic scientific knowledge. The next two years are mainly dedicated to engineering studies. The final year is focused on integrating all the components of the profession, as well as elective courses in various fields of chemical and biochemical engineering.

Study Tracks

Chemical Engineering Degree Track

The chemical engineering track focuses on process engineering, which is the design, implementation, and improvement of a wide range of processes. The studies provide broad knowledge and integrate engineering subjects with a foundation in the natural sciences, life sciences, mathematics, and economics.

Biochemical Engineering Track

Like chemical engineering, biochemical engineering combines sciences and engineering, with a strong emphasis on biology. The track trains the student to be a process engineer with additional expertise in biological processes.