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Avi Schroeder

Associate Professor

Personal Info

Ph.D. 2009, Ben-Gurion University

Research Fields

Our research group is aimed at improving patients’ quality of life and bettering their treatment by developing innovative medical technologies.
Specifically, we will focus on targeting metastatic cancer with nanotechnology, and on constructing miniature medical devices that couple diagnosis to therapy (theranostic devices).

Research Topics

At MIT, Avi and his colleagues developed nanoparticles that are capable of autonomously synthesizing proteins upon signal, thereby being injectable nano-factories for on-site production of drugs. In addition, he is an inventor of the uPill™ – a capsule that houses an entire ultrasound machine inside of it. The pill can be swallowed and excreted naturally and is used as a novel technology for enabling the oral administration of therapeutics that are currently administered by injection.
Avi’s PhD research involved the development of drug-loaded nanoparticles (nano liposomes) that can be triggered with ultrasound to release an anti-cancer chemotherapeutic in tumors, thereby improving the therapeutic efficacy and reducing side-effects. In addition, during these experiments it was discovered that nanoparticles used for drug delivery also have unique mechanical properties, and that carefully designed particles reduce cartilage’ friction and wear and enable its regeneration. These particles have already been translated to the clinic (Phase I/II by Moebius Medical LTD), where patients with osteoarthritis are receiving this novel treatment.
About – dr. Avi Schroeder received all three degrees in Chemical Engineering (BSc ‘03, MSc ‘05, PhD ‘09) from the Ben-Gurion University. His MSc and PhD research was performed with professors Joseph Kost (BGU) and Yechezkel Barenholz (Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical School). Avi’s postdoctoral training (2009-2012) was conducted with Institute professor Robert Langer and Daniel G. Anderson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout his studies Avi was awarded national and international awards including an Eshkol PhD Fellowship, the Intel Nanotechnology-, TEVA Pharmaceuticals-, and the Wolf Foundation PhD Awards, as well as the MIT–Koch Biomedical Imaging Award and others.


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