Graduate and doctoral students

What type of Master degrees does the Faculty of Chemical Engineering offer?

There are two thesis tracks: Master of Science (MSc) in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science (MSc); and one non-thesis track: Master of Engineering (ME) in Chemical Engineering.

What doctoral tracks are offered by the Faculty of Chemical Engineering?

The Faculty of Chemical Engineering has 3 tracks leading to a doctoral (PhD) degree: the regular track for MSc graduates, a direct track going from the Master degree to a PhD degree and a special doctoral track directly from the undergraduate studies program.

What research subjects are covered in chemical engineering graduate programs?

Researchers in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering investigate a broad range of areas: transfer phenomena and fluid flows, water desalination, operation development and process control, reactor engineering, adsorption and catalysis, polymer engineering and plastic materials, biochemistry and biomedical engineering, biophysics, microstructure and nanotechnology, colloidal systems and surface phenomena, crystal growth, alternative energy sources and more.

What are the admission requirements of the graduate program in chemical engineering?

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in engineering and the exact/life sciences, with an average of 82 or above and two recommendations. Candidates are required to  find a research advisor as a condition for being admitted.

Who is eligible for a full tuition waiver?

Soldiers in mandatory service who meet the academic requirements for receiving a scholarship as well as graduate students eligible for 4 scholarship units and above.

Are teaching positions available?

Students may be able to find a teaching position and get paid as a junior faculty, according to Faculty needs.

Can a chemical engineering graduate student take courses from other faculties, and if so, how many?

Students may take courses from other faculties. The choice of courses require approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Can I change research supervisors in the middle of my graduate studies?

In principle, yes, and only if the general timeframe for carrying out the research does not suffer.

What is the standard grade average required to continue to receive a scholarship while in the graduate/doctoral program?

The average grade required in order to get a scholarship for the entire period of study is a minimum of 80.

What is the average standard grade for graduate/doctoral studies at the Technion?

The standard academic average is a minimum of 75.

What is the passing grade in a graduate studies course and can a failing grade be corrected?

A passing grade for a graduate studies course is 65. There are no second exam periods in graduate courses. Should a student fail, he or she has once chance to rectify the failure by registering and taking the course again.