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Zeiss Ultra plus HR-SEM


The new high-resolution scanning electron microscope (HR-SEM) was installed in the Chemical Engineering Sobell Building in February 2008. This Zeiss Ultra Plus is one of the very few already installed anywhere in the world. Its Schotkky field emission electron gun provides excellent brightness, even at very low electron acceleration voltages, down to a few tens of volts. This is an important feature for high-resolution imaging of surface nanostructures, and for overcoming charging of uncoated non-conductive specimens. A Charge Compensation (CC) system improves that feature even further. The microscope is equipped with four imaging backscattered and secondary electron detectors: two of the in-lens type, and two outside the lens. It is also equipped with a Bruker Xflash x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) for x-ray elemental microanalysis, and with a specimen-current detector, which provides an alternative way of imaging. A Bal-Tec cryo-stage allows imaging of cryogenic specimens, such as fast-cooled liquids and biological systems. All this makes a versatile and flexible tool for the complete nano- and microstructural analysis of a wide range of systems.