Chemical Engineering Student’s Concil

Shaked Kagan

Position                  : Chairman of Representatives

E-Mail                    :

E-Mail                    :

Hillel Elmalem

Position                  : 4th Year Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                    :

Saar Nizri

Position                : 4th Year Bio-Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                  :

Agam Zano

Position               : 3rd Year Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                 :

Yulia Avrutin

Position               : 3rd Year Bio-Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                 :

Liron Hershko

Posistion            : 2nd Year Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                :

Oshrat Regev

Position             : 2nd Year Bio-Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                :

Talya Naori

Position             : 1st Year Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                :

Noa Melman

Position             : 1st Year Bio-Chem. Eng. Representative

E-Mail                :

Mia Albalak

Position              : Academic Coordinator

E-Mail                 :

Officials at the Faculty

Representative of the year – in the event of an academic problem, for example, requests for postponement of homework for the whole semester, unfair exams and problems with lecturers and practitioners, personal academic problems not resolved by yourself – immediately contact your representative this year is to tackle the problem.

Faculty academic coordinator – if a representative of the year could not handle the academic problem or the solution is not acceptable to you, or if there is an academic problem concerning the entire faculty (eg, the recommended system problems), contact your faculty academic focus.

Green Faculty Coordinator – responsible for the collection and recycling system in the faculty. In addition, works to raise student awareness of environmental issues through the organization and faculties green tables update, organize green activities. Any problem, idea or suggestion about improving the environment, please contact the coordinator.

Building Supervisor – addresses any problem that you have the with the faculty facilities : lost a folder, the air conditioner does not work (or works too much), the toilet is clogged, etc. …

You can find him easily at the entrance to the Faculty, in the office on the left.

Copiers, printers and vending machines

Having trouble with copying machines, printers or automatic machines (machines selling drinks and food)? Contact the campus office responsible for these machines on the campus network and its current operations. Any fault / problem, contact your device to concentrate on collecting vending machines, mail, phone 054-2423014 or forum on the campus services:

Student Association is always at your service!

On Foot: Students Association office and the information desk are on the 1st floor in the new student building
Phone: Secretary: 04-8328787
Internet: – Students Association home page at the Technion.